Festivals, What to Bring List

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Before going to a festival there are a few things that a person needs to keep in mind. There are a few things that one needs to take along at a festival. Now the list of things that you need to take along with you is not that big. Usually festivals last several days, it is important for you to take the essential things with you so that you don’t end up borrowing things from others or you don’t end up going back home again in order to get those things again.

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep is a very nice bag either a tote bag or messenger bag. Most of the things can be kept in the car but you still need to carry a few things with you for that you will need a bag. In this bag you will need to keep a shawl or a stole. For men, they can keep a spare jacket because weather can be really unpredictable.

Other than that you keep yourself hydrated so, you need to keep a water bottle with you all the time. Some people may think this is a little strange but if the weather gets bad then dry skin can cause a lot of trouble for you. This may not sound like a big deal but dry skin can get really irritating and annoying. For that sake you can keep a small petroleum jelly bottle or a lotion bottle with you.

Sunblock is essential therefore don’t forget to keep the sun block as well. At the end, because you can’t just take a bath while you are at a festival then you really need to keep a deodorant. Always keep a deodorant with you because it can instantly make you feel like you don’t need a bath. It can also keep others at ease around you.

The Practical Guide To Festival Dressing

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Dressing at a festival can sometimes be a huge problem. We all know one thing for sure that the weather cannot be trusted and the amount of walking that one will have to do is not certain as well.

The best thing that you can do before going to a festival is make sure you pack a small bag with a few extra layers which can be worn later. Other than that, what you can also do is you can wear lightweight knits and several other layers. Obviously the festival will be in the field and those extra layers will help you stay warm if the weather changes.

Another thing that you can do is keep lightweight scarves as well as neckerchiefs. They can act as companions which would keep you away the cold. No, you do not want to end up sick after attending the festival which would last for several days. If you are planning to attend just a few days of the festival then this isn’t required but if you are planning to attend the complete Festival then you will need a lot of layers.

Many people will tell you that the best thing to wear at a festival is something in which you just look good. The thing is that everyone wants to look good but at the same time you cannot afford to not be dressed inappropriately for the event while wanting to look good. Boots are your best friend at a festival because of course you will have to walk around quite a lot. Usually festivals and such events are held in an open field which means if you wear open shoes then your feet are going to have a hard time. It isn’t just about a hard time but in fact your feet will get very dirty. In such a case what you can do is you can wear very long boots so that if the weather goes bad and the area gets muddy then at least your feet will stay protected.

On top of that, tights can also be an essential part of your clothing in the festival. For men, jeans can do the job but for women tights are quite important. Tights don’t just keep your legs warm but they also save you from a boat load of dirt and mud. Staying clean is as important as staying warm. So don’t forget to dress according to the weather and environment.